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For those concerned with where life is going on the flagship earth and whether or not they want to go there, Occupy World Street is not only a wake-up call but also a call for action and a strategy for changing course before it’s too late.

– Counterpunch.


Praise for the book

"Occupy World Street provides both a brilliant analysis of the immanent dangers that threaten to lead to a collapse of our global civilization and a bold and visionary design of a global governance that embraces local sovereignty within an international framework for stewardship."

- Peter M Pruzan, co-author of Leading with Wisdom

Quotes from the Book

Food security is going to become the number-one issue for many countries once we enter the energy descent era, as many countries turn to protectionism.

Kronik: En Alternativ Økonomi for fremtiden

Engang var økonomien et redskab, der skulle skaffe os det gode liv. I dag er det gode liv økonomiseret, så væksten står højt hævet over menneskers trivsel og sundhed samt klimaet og miljøet. Vi må og skal finde på noget bedre.

>> Læs hele kronikken her: En Alternativ økonomi for Fremtiden trykt den 30. maj 2015 i Politiken.

Skrevet af Ross Jackson (økonom) sammen med Rasmus Nordqvist (iværksætterordfører) og Josephine Fock (finansordfører), begge for Alternativet.

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