Occupy World Street is a starburst of enlightenment and a practical vision of hope for a new and advanced society.

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Praise for the book

"Ross Jackson has been both a successful financier and an inspirational grassroots innovator.  This new book brings his wealth of experience to bear in a powerful and pragmatic response to our social, ecological and economic malaise."

- Helena Norberg-Hodge, author of Ancient Futures

Quotes from the Book

Three of the institutions—the Clearing Union, the Resource Board, and the Development Bank—do not require membership of the league to participate.

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1. Introduction to Agony News Report Play Download this Song
2. Economics is Politics in Disguise Play Download this Song
3. The Gaian Worldview Play Download this Song
4. Limits to Growth Play Download this Song
5. Peak Oil and the Energy Trap Play Download this Song
6. The Collapse of Civilizations Play Download this Song
7. Ross's Personal Story Play Download this Song
8. The Evolution of Economic Ideas Play Download this Song
9. The Financial Crisis Play Download this Song
10. Economic Drivers Play Download this Song
11. A Practical Strategy Play Download this Song
12. The Break Away Strategy Play Download this Song
13. The Gaian League Occupy and Ecovillages Play Download this Song
14. Six years to Create the Book Play Download this Song
15. How to Get Started Play Download this Song
16. The Whole Interview (approx 1½h) Play Download this Song

Stemming the Flow of Refugees

The unprecedented surge of refugees streaming into Europe is no doubt due to the ongoing wars in Syria and Iraq and the unstable situation in Libya. However, refugees were arriving in Europe long before these wars began. They will continue to do so, even when civil strife has come to an end. How do we deal with it?

In "Stemming the Flow of Refugees – An Holistic Approach" Ross Jackson presents a new perspective [PDF: Small | High Quality for print]

Beating Climate Change 

Saving the planet might just be 'politically impossible', says Ross Jackson, chairman of the Gaia Trust and financier behind political party the Alternative. Our only hope is to fight our egotistical instincts and replace neoliberalism with ecological economics. Read the Article Beating Climate Change with Radical Ideas and Grassroots Movements

Eurozone - The Endgame

It has become clear to most EU citizens, but not yet to the EU leaders, that neoliberal economics has been a total fiasco for the environment, increased equality, and decreased the overall sense of well-being for over thirty years. When will the EU leadership recognise this reality and get more in line with the desires and concerns of EU citizens? Read Ross Jackson's article: "Eurozone - The Endgame"

Also read: "A Silver Lining to Europe’s Troubles" 

Økologisk omstilling er uundgåelig

Læs artiklen fra JP/Politiken, hvor "Alternativets pengemand fortæller om den uundgåelige økologiske omstilling."

Se også de øvrige anmeldelser og artikler på dansk.

The Alternative is now in Parlament

Alternativet (The Alternative), the newest addition to Danish politics received 4.8% in the danish vote and has now 9 new members of parlament. Prior to the launch of "Alternativet" in the autumn of 2013 Party leader Uffe Elbæk approached Ross Jackson about his ideas and the ideas of Occupy World Street is now part of the new vision of "Serious Sustainablility" that is emerging in Denmark.

Ross Jackson, who over the years has donated tens of millions to green causes, recently caused a media stir when it was revealed that he had donated Dkr 2 mio. to the Alternative. In a video interview he explains "I saw they had very little money to work with and could not bear if they would get 1.9% and not get into parliament."

See the full interview in Danish (playlist with 7 parts) where Ross Jackson discusses the election with his son Rolf:

Book of the Month

Occupy World Street has been chosen “Book of the Month” by Global Foresight Books, calling it “an ambitious and original book” and “remarkable and timely”.

In their extensive review they compare it to the previous "Book of the Month" called "Abundance", which focuses on exponential growth technology and discuss the stark differences between these two idealistic books.

Listen also to Ross' TEDx talk in the UK, shown above and his song "Occupy World Street" that has enthused people whereever he has played it.

Approaching a breaking point?

New blog: Who will be the first nation to act? Coming back from a disappointing Rio+20 summit, Ross Jackson presents a new vision for how a single nation might take the first step and set a new agenda.

If you are wondering how Greece will fare you might want to Read Ross's earlier blogs on how the Euro crisis is going to get ugly and Wealth without Health which highlight the gross misunderstandings that guide policy making at present. The stakes are enormous and even though the financial crisis was precipitated through the unfortunate side effects of neoliberal cowboy economics, politicians continue down this irresponsible path with equally irresponsible cutbacks, precipitating unfortunate side effects to the common man, while capital groups buy up capital assets at bargain prices.

At Occupy World Street we are preparing a series of interactive dialogues and training programs to deepen the insight amongst those interested in creating a holistic world order. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter, and we will keep you posted.

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